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A experienced team for your graphic projects

As a publisher or content creator, you probably prefer to put your time into creating good content and educational books, growing your offerings, managing your project team and all the other things that come your way.

What we offer:
  • proper arrangements
  • clear communication
  • deadlines met
  • open files
  • copyright entirely with the client
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The right person in the right place

Our team is experienced in various disciplines

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How It Works

This is our approach

We start with a detailed look at your assignment. If necessary, we ask additional questions to get everything clear.

Based on the processed order, we will provide you with a price and date for delivery of the first proof.

Only then is it up to you to start the project or not.

During the project, we remain very communicative. Complex assignments can be included in our project management system that you and any stakeholders (publishers, authors, editors) can access if they wish.

Did we mention that we will be discreet about your project?


Correct estimation of the project in advance

Everyone likes to know where they stand and what budget should be provided to complete certain tasks.

Most of the projects we enter into are based on a fixed price. We do not base this price simply on the number of drawings, but on the concrete content of this drawing. "How much does a map cost?" is therefore a question we cannot simply answer.

Our fixed prices always include normal, expected improvements.

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A collage of maps, diagrams, infographics and more.

Various projects

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working on various types of projects. Be it big or small. We can handle it.

Historical atlas
Geographical atlas
Project Biology
Miscellaneous textbooks
Atlas around current events
and so much more ...

Project Management

As a partner in several large projects, we know all too well how complex such a project can be.

Verschillende stakeholders en medewerkers moeten allemaal op 1 lijn gezet worden. Dan is er nog de communicatie met de ‘tekenaar’, waarmee alle opdrachten op een volledige en duidelijke wijze moeten gecommuniceerd worden. Niet alleen die opdrachten, maar ook de diverse verbeterrondes maken het soms een onoverzichtelijk geheel.

For larger projects, we will suggest you go beyond the mailbox for project communication. In the system we use, each drawing is a separate task that can have various statuses, e.g. ready for production, in production, improvements needed, clarification needed, ready for printing, etc... With each task there is room to communicate and ask questions.

Through this project management system, you can log in at any time and immediately be fully on board with the state of the project as a whole.

We propose this system as an option to tackle your project, it is certainly not an obligation. Your preferred method of working ultimately determines how the project will actually proceed.

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We know the ropes

Years of experience

After more than 35 years of experience, we are still fresh and eager to get to work on your project.

Once started with CorelDRAW 3.0, we have grown with the market over the years and now use tools such as Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, Procreate, Mapublisher, QGis and so much more.

We are closely monitoring the potential of generative AI and are already using it where it adds value.


Dutch, French, English

We are fluent in Dutch, French and English.

We have already carried out several projects in each of these 3 these languages and delivered professional results.

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Sufficient bandwidth for your project

If your project requires it, we can discuss what is needed to meet deadlines.

We are open in our communication and make sure you have an accurate expectation by delivery date.

Although we can't do magic and don't finish an atlas in a week, we pride ourselves on always being punctual with agreed upon deadlines and deadlines.

One Stop Map

Webshop for vector maps

For over 11 years we have been running under the name One Stop Map Our own webshop with up-to-date map material.

Over time, our selection has grown to more than 600 cards in 9 different card styles.

The offer at One Stop Map consists mainly of current political maps of the world, continents, major regions and countries.

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experienced team for your graphic projects

Meet an experienced and flexible graphics team

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